Monday, May 23, 2011

Re-posting configs from the labs

As I am going through the CBT Nuggets labs again, I'll be posting the more-correct configs now that I know what "behind the scenes" configurations were set up on the routers prior to starting the labs.

My knowledge was limited the first time through these labs, so now I know how they were set up to produce the expected results.

Just finished the first two EIGRP labs.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Network Closet Redesign

Got home from work today and decided to clean up the closet and get things more accessible for starting Switch.

The Before:

And the After, courtesy of Ikea:

Added a TFTP server, Monitor, keyboard and a touchpad.

I used the Kill-a-watt to check power consumption again.

With the 3550, and 2509 fired up, the meter read about 98 watts, as I added each router, it went up about 15 watts per router through the first three 2620 XM's. The 2650's were about 30-40 watts a piece and the last 2621 xm was 20watts. All told, I was at 200 watts with 7 routers and a switch powered up.

Adding the Dell optiplex and an old crt monitor added another 100watts. So, at 300 watt's, I'll definitely be saving my configs, and powering it down when it's not in use now. Left on 24hours a day, that works out to close to $20 a month, which would be about 20% of our electric bill now, and we're getting close to the months here in Southeast Texas in which our bill for a fairly small house (almost 2000 square feet) can run up to $300 a month.

Something to consider...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Linux Love affair continues

Now having discovered Wine, (I always knew about it, but had not ever tried it in previous forays into linux) 1.3, I now have visual CertExam, and Kindle for PC up and running.

Viva' no Microsoft !!!