Monday, July 30, 2012

working with interfaces in Linux

Just a few commands if you are using Linux based hosts for GNS3:

Add interface:

sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast

Show routing table:

route -e

Access ISP network identified by the network address and netmask using network interface card eth0:

sudo route add -net netmask gw eth0

Specify default gateway to use to access remote network via network interface card eth0:

sudo route add default gw eth0

Friday, July 27, 2012


Ran out of money for racing, so had to give up seriousness for it for the rest of the year. Sold the Subaru, and added $500 to our monthly budget between payment and insurance, and should be ready for the wife to start school full-time next year budget wise. With the proceeds from selling the Subaru, picked up this:

Needed a bit of work, so I got it pretty cheap. BMW 328i, $4,500, w/ 125,000 miles, which is pretty much just broken in for the BMW M series engines. (not M3, but M52 engine) I was racing my last BMW with 225,000 miles on the odometer.

I've had it to an autocross already, and a track day, just to stress test it a bit. Should be a nice daily driver.

Getting back on the study horse for CCNP. Want to get this done by the end of the year, but I've said that before.

Rebuilt a computer with win7 64, and just installed GNS3 0.8.3, which is a real joy compared to some earlier versions.

Starting this weekend. Hope to test for Route by the end of August.