Friday, February 8, 2013

Blog just went over 20,000 hits !

Well, went over 20,000 hits this week so, hopefully it's been helpful for some.

If anything it's a cautionary tale of procrastination. My taking my time with this is only one part procrastination, mixed with going with the flow of Work over-time opportunities and the very full race schedule I had last year, for at least half the year.

Last year was supposed to be the taking racing serious year, cut a bit short by just about every appliance in our house going out, killing the meager racing budget. We've been working hard enough catching up financially that I didn't want to risk $200 on a test unless I feel like I'm totally ready, and honestly, truly need to. My overall goal is to be done with the CCNP and be in an engineering position by 2015, so I think I can accomplish this.

I'll hopefully be in position to take the CCIE written by 2020. In the industry I'm in, I'm not sure I will get the day to day experience on the job to ever be ready for the CCIE practical, or really and truly, to ever need it. We'll see.

It's always good to have long term goals.

back studying, and NTP randomness...

Ok, Ok...

I've been procrastinating.

I am deep into studying for Route again. I have until the middle of next month to retain my CCNA, with the stretch goal of completing the CCNP entirely by June.

So here's the study setup.

even so, It's easy to get distracted...

Playing with NTP on my EIGRP frame relay setup.

If you set an NTP server, here is the output for "Debug NTP packet" when you change the clock to the wrong time on an NTP client.

Router#sh clock
.10:00:35.891 UTC Thu Nov 10 2011
.Nov 10 10:00:47.475: NTP: xmit packet to
.Nov 10 10:00:47.475:  leap 3, mode 3, version 3, stratum 0, ppoll 64
.Nov 10 10:00:47.479:  rtdel 0D59 (52.139), rtdsp 49D05179 (18896318.253), refid AC107C01 (
.Nov 10 10:00:47.479:  ref D2661F3E.E6C4CC9F (10:00:30.901 UTC Thu Nov 10 2011)
.Nov 10 10:00:47.483:  org 00000000.00000000 (00:00:00.000 UTC Mon Jan 1 1900)
.Nov 10 10:00:47.483:  rec 00000000.00000000 (00:00:00.000 UTC Mon Jan 1 1900)
.Nov 10 10:00:47.483:  xmt D2661F4F.79D52E1F (10:00:47.475 UTC Thu Nov 10 2011)
.Nov 10 10:00:47.527: NTP: rcv packet from to on Serial0/0.1:
.Nov 10 10:00:47.531:  leap 0, mode 4, version 3, stratum 8, ppoll 64
.Nov 10 10:00:47.531:  rtdel 0000 (0.000), rtdsp 0002 (0.031), refid 7F7F0701 (
.Nov 10 10:00:47.535:  ref D26CD582.60415C36 (12:11:46.375 UTC Tue Nov 15 2011)
.Nov 10 10:00:47.535:  org D2661F4F.79D52E1F (10:00:47.475 UTC Thu Nov 10 2011)
.Nov 10 10:00:47.539:  rec D26CD5BF.6D9CAF45 (12:12:47.428 UTC Tue Nov 15 2011)
.Nov 10 10:00:47.539:  xmt D26CD5BF.6D9D2EC7 (12:12:47.428 UTC Tue Nov 15 2011)
.Nov 10 10:00:47.543:  inp D2661F4F.8730D15A (10:00:47.528 UTC Thu Nov 10 2011)
.Nov 15 12:12:47.474: NTP: peer stratum change
.Nov 15 12:12:47.474: NTP: clock reset
Router#sh clock
.12:13:10.461 UTC Tue Nov 15 2011