Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Back !

Looks like I'm going to ramp up again for at least taking Route hopefully by the end of the year.

First though, I am figuring out GNS3 as relates to QEMU hosting and running Juniper Olive as I'd like to get Juniper certified in the near future as well. We are using more Juniper in our Commercial Edge Network everyday, and I seem to end up working most of the new installs and initial triage of customer issues lately. I've moved to a daytime shift for the first time since I went back to school back in summer of 2003(Woo Hoo!)

Since graduating last August, there just weren't any opportunities to move to days until just this August, but finally, I'm there.

If I can figure it all out, (and I just got MicroCore and the Qemu hosting figured out in about 5 minutes), I'll post another how to for folks here. The how-to I used for the QEMU hosting is here:

It's quite good, and actually the process is quite simple.

Anyway, good to be back on it and can't wait to get JUNOS up and running.

Looks like at least a few people may have found what I've posted here helpful, as it's getting close to 3,000 page looks now, and seems to be averaging about 400 per month or so.

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