Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cisco Switch online Labs first impressions

I'm about to start the "new hire" lab in the Cisco learning Store simulated switching labs.

I purchased the 25 hour block for $75 usd.

first impressions using the lab.

1. Doesn't appear to work in Chrome on a Mac unless I need to turn pop-up blocker off or something.
2. initial log-in works in Safari, on a Mac.
3. There is a silly double log-in process in which you  have to enter your username and password that you get from the e-mail from Cisco on two separate screens.
4. At lab start it states "Click Help before your lab time begins to answer any questions about the lab without using your time." The "Help" word in that statement is colored differently as if it should be clickable, but it isn't, so I'm not sure what help function they are referring to.

I don't know why Cisco seems to have so much trouble with HTML development. They REALLY struggled with the Cisco Learning network and managing passwords between, and the CLN. It took them years to sort that into something useful. Processing RMA's on was also just as difficult, but it's better now.

Diving into the Lab now.

I'd suggest printing out the Objectives pages, and the Job Aids, and the final Configs. I'm putting them all in a loose leaf folder. It will save time moving window to window.

As far as I can tell, logging into a device is just like in GNS3, I haven't implemented a lab yet, so I'll have to reserve my judgement on the functionality.

looks like it will work and one should be able to configure the devices as you choose if you want to make your own lab as long as it can use the topology in use.

Here are the labs available:

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