Friday, January 10, 2014

CCNA Voice lab beginning

To facilitate a few other possible projects in the future, I'm beginning the build of a CCNA Voice lab.

I'll be looking for a few more phones, and and modules, and will eventually set up a SIP based phone service here, possibly, just to say that I did it, maybe more, we'll see.

Ohh, and the T3600 is up and running, if a bit hampered by some Raid controller card issues on a single 64gb SSD for now.

These are the same workstations we use at work, but believe it or not, at 8gb of system ram in my home system, I have twice as much as my workstation at work. 

Our video cards, at work, on the other hand, are no slouches. We have two W7000, 4GB cards in each station. If you're asking why $1300 worth of Video cards, and only 4gb of system ram in a workstation that does no CAD/CAM, but runs 4-5 Java-heavy Element Management systems, you'd be asking the same question I do every day. I think I've finally goaded them into getting us 8-12gb loaded soon. 

Such is the life of being a technical employee under decidedly, non-technical managers. I had my shot to become one of them, but chose to stay on the Engineering track. I'll revisit management again someday, but I've still got a ton of training and study to do before I'd feel qualified to manage another engineer.


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