Thursday, February 24, 2011

Question I was working on on Cisco Cert. Facebook page

Refer to the exhibit. The Australian MPLS service provider has installed the Australian equivalent of a U.S. T1 at your branch office. You have contracted for sustained usage of half of the maximum line rate. What should be the parameters for A, B, C, and D on your Cisco ISR router with integrated DSU/CSU

I Love these types of questions when posed. Some people are hard headed, like continually insisting that it would be T1 and not E1 in the other earlier thread on it.

  • Ed Wright Hmm... Seem's like a fairly easy QoS Statement?
    February 18 at 3:49pm · 
  • Dan Groscost bw 1544, shape avg 768
    February 18 at 4:25pm · 
  • Loiq Mirov Sorry guys. What does MPLS mean? oh sorry i got.
    A - E 0/0/0
    B - 1-32(or 1-16)
    February 18 at 9:17pm · 
  • Shawn Patrick Murphy 
    think Loiq has it close here, but I'm still pretty much guessing.
    A = E 0/0/0
    B = timeslots 1-16
    C = Shape Average (should be the full CIR provisioned which is half E1 1024, or 1024000?
    D = Bandwidth (for the interface should be the full E1 ? 2048 or 2048000, or does there need to be room left for overhead?
    February 19 at 1:38am · 
  • Muhammad Ajmal Shahid plz send me ccna voice paper
    February 19 at 12:35pm · 

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