Thursday, May 30, 2013

Changing gears, Building the UBER home Lab.

I am moving into a brave new world of Cisco Studying, and returning to live equipment.

There will be some exciting new developments over the next month or so if everything goes to plan.

The Old home lab, lol.

After I cleaned it up some...

And the beginnings of the new lab. Stay tuned. I should have equipment coming in through the next few weeks.

New Lucent 42u relay racks picked up off craigslist for next to nothing, along with 300+, 25ft, 14ft, and 1 ft jumper cables, and enough network install equipment to sell for probably $1k. See my auctions on Ebay if interested.

Three EMI 3550's

pretty good shape

Idling 3550 draws between 45 and 50 watts.

I'm refreshing all those old skills. Downloading Solarwinds TFTP server. The first of the two 2611's still had the owners config on it. Probably a no-no. The 3550's are clean.

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