Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting going, now, but a little behind on switch

Cisco fixed my login issues, and made me feel like a valued customer in doing so.

I had a few honey do's this week that got me behind, but I'm now into the groove. I would guess that I won't be ready to test for switch until beginning of next week.

I'm into the Cisco Labs, and am finding that they work quite well. I haven't tried exiting the labs without saving configs, but if you do save the configs, they save on the Unix box or whatever they are using for this. I think it is showing up as a Solaris, so Unix, obviously. Makes me wonder how the configs are saved, directly on the node I'm using, or virtualized in some way.

I'm finishing up Design and Implement VLANs, Trunks, and EtherChannel.

The format is a little strange to get used to, and what the actual objectives are, can be difficult to pull out of what is listed, but then, getting it from an unversed customer could also be. At this point in one's career, one should be able to be knowledgeable of Cisco campus options and be able to sell a customer on those options, at least that is what I think Cisco is expecting here.

On another note, I managed to catch this perfectly, entirely unintentionally.

Two years, 25,000 hits later. Hopefully this has been of use to others as well as myself.

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