Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pouring it on...Test in two days.

In case anyone wanted to know, the method to my madness.

$99.00 month subscription to
Cisco Press Route/Switch/T-Shoot books
YouTube labs from others for the test
Self-created practice test from the Cisco Press book

So how I go about it is:

Watch Jeremy Sciorra's video for a section, and do any configuration he runs through on my homelab.

Re-read the section in the Cisco Book

Run through a few You Tube labs on the section on my home lab

Take practice test's, created from questions in the Cisco Press book. Keep going until I hit 95%

I'm about 3/4's through the book/videos, with really just WLAN's to go, and two days until the test.

Then six days until the next test. I've lost some of my Route skills over the last year. (I'll be taking SWITCH exactly a year from the day I took ROUTE...)

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