Monday, April 11, 2011

BGP LAB 3 with the CBT Nuggs w/GNS3

Working one of the BGP tuning attributes videos now. Doing it in GNS3 since I have it up and working pretty well now. I was going to be a cable short to do this on the home lab anyway.


  1. no explanation?


  2. Ahh, the configs ?

    I did forget to post them didn't I.

    That was around the time I got rid of MS and went straight Linux. I'm not sure I have the configs from GNS-3, but hopefully, I'm good enough at it to throw it together quickly.

  3. hi
    do you have gns topology for that?

  4. I'll re-do it shortly. I'm back on the path, but not before I finish my beginners How-to on running Junos in GNS3, if I can get it running successfully.

  5. Elijah From NairobiJanuary 10, 2012 at 6:43 AM

    Hi, how can i access the BGP labs tuning attributes by Jeremy (am sure you all know him). I do not have the labs and this has proven to be quite the challenge

  6. I'll get back here again, but right now I've started back up from EIGRP. I'm up to OSPF again, but just starting. I'll get back to BGP again. Sorry for the wait, just my study process.

  7. hey guys,
    I was also searching for the configuration files but in the end I did the Lab by myself. You can check it out here: