Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lab Rack power requirements... The test

Ok, finally today, I've gone through all the devices I have and checked their power usage levels.

If you've ever been curious:

These levels will for the most part be the devices at Idle, so take that into consideration, and my switches are all non-POE, so that makes a big difference for switches as you can imagine.

My CCNP rack total as configured, now without the TFTP server attached is running at about 265 watts, minus whatever the UPS is pulling to recharge for the couple minute test I just ran. So, that's costing me about $.75 per day to run

Not bad. That's

3 x 1841 Routers
2 x 3560 switches
2 x 3550 switches
1 x 2509 access server
2 x 1721 host routers
and whatever the synaccess IP power strip pulls. (43 watts with everything off)

The APC powerchute s/w says 37 watts with everything turned off through the Synaccess

The CCNA rack total as configured is running about 246 watts:
Also about $.75 cents a day to run.

3 x 1841 routers
3 x 3550 24 port switches
1 x 2509 access server
2 x 2611 host routers
1 x 2621xm Frame Relay router


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