Monday, August 5, 2013

Adding back one free CCNA rack to the rack listings.

After getting a good deal on some routers/switches, I'm going to add back, for now, one relatively basic CCNA rack, with plans to eventually add another two, for a total of three basic CCNA racks(3 x 2950 switches, 3 x 1721 routers running 12.3 IOS) for free, and then the fee-based CCNA/CCNP R&S(security) rack which should have an ASA5505 added in about a week, and the CCNP R&S rack. Eventually, there will be a CCNA voice rack added as well. The router I'll be using for that is already in the free rack until the 1721's get here. (a 2651xm)

There will be a paypal donation button for the free racks, and hopefully, I'll pick up enough goodwill to pay for the addition to the electric bill, and the extra $10/month to add more than 3 scheduling slots to the reservation taking software.

I didn't want this to be an entirely for-profit enterprise, so this will take care of that goal.

This will bring the grand total of devices in both racks to 27 now, and 39 once the 1721's arrive, and then probably 45ish once the CCNA voice equipment arrives.

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