Monday, August 12, 2013

Lab Racks

The CCNPorBust lab racks are down for maintenance for a day or so.

The ASA 5505 came in, so a bit of reconfiguration of both the CCNP and CCNA racks had to be done to get 1841's with particular specs into place where they need to be to run specific IOS.

Should be back up by Wednesday.

Then we will have the

CCNP R&S rack (for fee $3.50/7.5 hour block)

3 x 1841
2 x 3560
2 x 3550
2 x 1721 hosts
Menu'ed access server

CCNA R&S/Security rack (for fee $2.00/7.5 hour block)

3 x 1841
3 x 3550
2 x 2610 hosts
Menu'ed access server

CCNA R&S rack 2 (Free/7.5 hour block, but still have to schedule)

1 x 2651xm
2 x 2611
3 x 2950g with EI
1 x 2621xm with NM-4AS (Frame Relay switch)
Menu'ed access server

Topology's will be updated as well, and a page added for the free rack.

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