Sunday, August 25, 2013

New equipment trickling in... and another Juniper acquisition

After selling 5 systems over about a week and a half, my entire CCNA rack was bare, and ALL of my access servers went to good Cisco studying homes, I had to reload.

So I now have here, or on the way:


10 x 2960-TTL
2 x 2610xm 128/32
3 x 2611xm
3 x 2610 64/32
1 x 2620
1 x 2509rj access server

Term Servers:

2 x Avocent Cyclades TS-3000


J2300 Router
SRX 210b Service Access switch (a 3:30am ebay auction win for $200 !)


FSP-150CC - GE206V Carrier Ethernet Access switch

So my own study rack will be getting much more interesting and fiber based, in line with some coming changes at work in which my job will becoming much more Juniper (and Cisco) based again soon.

I'm replacing the rental racks access servers with the Avocent Cyclades TS-3000

These support SSH, GUI based management, and by-port authentication, which will result in a more seamless studying experience, allowing use of more effective tabbed terminal emulation which the menu-based setup I had didn't really accomplish well. The fact that I picked up two of them for half the price of a single cisco 2511 didn't hurt either. Hopefully they will work.

The start of the Juniper lab is exciting as well. I'll have to integrate it into the CCNP lab for now, with another SRX 210, and a couple EX2200 or 3200's still needed to build the stand-alone lab.

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