Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cable pinout for Terminal Servers, NM modules, etc.

I've been meaning to make this post for a while, and as I'm building roll-over cables for the Avocent TS-3000, I thought it would be a good time to get most of the cable pinouts for custom cables all into one place for myself and others.

If you are using other types of modules in CCNP and up, It's my estimation that you are probably spending too much $$$. I've been getting 56k modules nearly free, and WIC-T1's for as low as $3.50 a piece. In comparison, it's difficult to get a WIC-1T for less than $10.00 and then you have to spend another $10.00 for one cable. I can build much more easily managed cabling for T-1 modules for around $.25 per cable.

Here is Cisco's PDF:

My nothing fancy guide

Terminal server roll-over cable:

signal     pin     signal
RTS    1 - 8    RTS
DTR    2 - 7    DTR
TXD    3 - 6    TXD
GND   4 - 5   GND
GND   5 - 4   GND
RXD   6 - 3    RXD
DSR    7 - 3    DCD
CTS    8 - 1    CTS

T-1 cross-over cable for back to back connection:

Typical T1 configuration:

ip address
no fair-queue
no dce-terminal-timing-enable
service-module t1 clock source internal
service-module t1 timeslots 1-24

other side the same except:

diff IP, of course, and:

service-module t1 clock source line

56k 4 wire cross-over for back to back connection:

56k 4 wire back-to-back typical config:

special considerations:

ip address
service-module 56k clock source internal
service-module 56k network-type dds


ip address
service-module 56k clock source line
service-module 56k network-type dds

Avocent Cyclades to ADVA rj45-rj45

This one took me longer to wrap my head around while learning more about Digital signalling.

I had these to work with:

Cyclades RJ45 to DCE DB-25 pinouts

And the ADVA documentation for the RJ45 to DB-9 pinout.

Once I figured out that the cyclades to DCE was more or less straight through, it made sense.

This resulted in my T568B end on the cyclades to the ADVA end:

1 wht/org - pin 8 (RTS - RTS)
2 org        - pin 3 (DTR - DTR)
3 wht/grn - pin 6 (Txd - Txd)
4 blu        - pin 4 (GND - GND)
5 wht/blu  - pin 7 (CTS - CTS)
6 grn         - pin 5 (Rxd - Rxd)
7 wht/brn - pin 1 (not used DCD - DCD)
8 brn        - pin 2 DSR - DSR

I'll add more as I use them.

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