Thursday, September 12, 2013

Carrier Ethernet rack coming along... Working on Radius Authentication to become a part of's beta testing.

Picked up my second ADVA to almost complete my Carrier Ethernet NID acquisitions. I'll probably try to pick up a Cisco ME3400 as well, but those end up costing nearly as much as the Junipers do.

I should be able to do some simulations and practice what we preach at work soon.

The one on top is an FSPCCf-825 with 4 x 10/100 copper access ports, 1 x gig copper access port, 1 x gig fiber access port, and two copper and two fiber network ports.

The one on the bottom is an FSP 150CC ge-206 and is all fiber with six access and two network ports.

ADVA's are made in Germany, and the quality shows.

Working hard on CCNP switch study to hopefully test for SWITCH by the end of the month.

I'm working on getting at least one lab live on the system that Author, Jeremy Stretch has put together. It's an amazing bit of work he's done, and should allow us to get racks out to people to use much easier. Might kill my business, but I was never really in this to make a killing, just help pay for my own racks. Hopefully, soon, I'll be a busy network engineer and have no time for the business anyway.

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