Sunday, September 22, 2013

Home Network Baller Status ?

Is home network "Baller" status achieved when your home router becomes a Juniper SRX210 ?
Sold the ADSL PIM out of it for $100, making it a net $285.00 purchase, which is a pretty good deal for one of the SRX210high memory versions.

Racks in, Racks out. I was getting a bit worried, but it appears that the U.S. must have a large percentage of people on the same payday weeks. About exactly 2 weeks from the last time I cleaned out my stocks, I'm almost cleaned out again.

Sold 5 systems over the last few days. Configuring what I have left to be a pretty nice rack for the Beta.

Upgraded a few of the XM routers I have left to have the ability to run 12.4T and IPV6 and advanced security features like Zone Based Firewalls. 192/48 is required.

A Few 2651xm Routers old Boot Roms

Now with upgraded Boot Rom allowing 256 mb of NVRAM

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