Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gotta luv local liquidation companies...

The Haul yesterday:

2950g EI
Dell powerconnect 3024 (new in box)
Cyberpower 1350 AVR UPS

All for cheap...

With the Cyberpower setup protecting my Main PC(Core i5 680, Nvidia GTX560Ti), the Network rack PC(Core2Duo 2.4ghz, Nvidia 7950Gt), and three 23" monitors, and a few peripherals, it's running 235watts. or 29% of the Cyberpower's capacity.

I have always wanted one with the LCD diplaying output. Not bad for $21.00. I think they run $150.00 new. We'll see how long the batteries last. The are charging to 80% and are showing at 235watt output to have 12 minutes of up time.

Even if it dies, Used UPS are almost always a good deal, as you can run down to a battery store and pick up new replacements for around $40.00, or even cheaper online. For $60.00, I could essentially have a new $150.00 UPS.

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