Sunday, October 13, 2013

SFP interchangeability

Well, the ADVA 850mm SFP's that apparently weren't compatible with the Cisco 3560,

DO WORK in a Juniper EX2200. This is a HUGE savings, as I picked up 6 ADVA SFP's for $35.00, and the cheapest Juniper compatible SFP's I could find were $45.00 a piece.

root@Juniper# run show chassis pic pic-slot 1 fpc-slot 0
FPC slot 0, PIC slot 1 information:
  Type                             4x GE SFP
  State                            Online
  Uptime                         44 minutes, 19 seconds
PIC port information:
                          Fiber                    Xcvr vendor
  Port  Cable type        type  Xcvr vendor        part number       Wavelength
  3     GIGE 1000SX       MM    FINISAR CORP.      FTLF8519P2BNL-AD  850 nm

Obviously, ADVA branded, but actually, a Finisar product...

root@Juniper# run show interfaces diagnostics optics ge-0/1/3
Physical interface: ge-0/1/3
    Laser bias current                        :  6.844 mA
    Laser output power                        :  0.3450 mW / -4.62 dBm
    Module temperature                        :  35 degrees C / 95 degrees F
    Module voltage                            :  3.2430 V
    Receiver signal average optical power     :  0.3637 mW / -4.39 dBm

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