Sunday, October 20, 2013

Need another SRX

Looks like the EX2200's don't have the layer 3 capabilities I'd need to have it be set up with provider bridging functions. I wasn't sure, but now know.

So... I'll be needing to pick up another SRX sooner than later, as the SRX does.

Need to be able to run this configuration to emulate the MX commands:

user@beb1> show configurationrouting-instances {pbn-1-for-eline {instance-type virtual-switch;interface ge-2/0/0.1;interface pip0.0;bridge-domains {bd1 {vlan-id 10;}eline-svlans {vlan-id-list [ 2100 ];}}pbb-options {peer-instance pbbn-1;}service-groups {eline1 {service-type eline;pbb-service-options {isid 10100 interface ge-2/0/0.1;}}}}}

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