Friday, June 21, 2013

CCNP R&S rack nearing completion

Now with 200% more cable management.

Topo matches this now:

Ignore the rack setup in the topo, it hasn't been updated. Might do that now.

More 1841 rack mounts arrived that actually fit this time

These is the CCNA/CCNP rack I have for sale on Ebay now:

Pricing is at $1150 right now, but will probably come down to $995.00, which, believe it or not, is pretty slim margins. There is quite a bit of cost that nickles and dimes you when building a rack like this. 

That said, it's a solid rack, with everything you need to move to a more sophisticated rack as your certification studies move on. The 1841's are great routers for study, all the way thru CCIE.

So this is the setup.

  • 1 x 2509 access server w/8 port Octal cable
  • 1 x 1841 w/256/64 memory capable of running IOS 15.xx
  • 2 x 1841 w/128/32 memory set with 12.4T advanced IP
  • 3 x 3550 Catalyst 3550 24 port Switch with multi-layer IOS installed (VLANs, multi-layer switching/routing for CCNP)
  • 1 x WIC-2T
  • 2x WIC-1T
  • 3 x WIC-T1 v2
  • 1 x 12U compact table top equipment rack
  • 10 x 1ft Ethernet cables (straight and cross over and T1)
  • 2 x  6 ft Ethernet cables
  • 1 x smart serial cables
  • 1 x DB60 DCE/DTE cable
  • 1 x console cable for access server

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