Wednesday, June 5, 2013

tying up loose ends, waiting on routers.

Upgraded the rest of the 3550's, picked up more rack bolts, and started mounting into the TSHOOT/CCNA rack.

Shopping for Routers to fill out my topologies now. 2811's, 1841's, 2621xm's. We'll see what it ends up as.

Made an offer on 5 1841's that was less than half the $1100 they were looking for, and they came down to $1095, snarky, but I guess they'll learn their lesson that they are looking for $200/rtr for a model that's selling for less than $100 at the mem config they have. It would have been $500 that they didn't have before, but maybe they are new at this.

Ebay is funny sometimes.

the Command center: where the magic happens... more like the scratching of head...

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