Saturday, June 8, 2013

Routers bought

So, I did end up picking up three 1841's. I think they all have VPN modules in them and appear have to 256/64, and are running top shelf IOS.

I also picked up an 1811w, which will become the remote, remote access gateway for the network and the house. The DD-WRT from Buffalo networks has not be too reliable on the wireless end lately.

I'm having an issue with remote access to CLI, on the remote reboot power switches. I can access the CLI locally, but not remotely outside the house. I can reach the web interface, but not the CLI. I reach our house router through a powerline network extender from Western Digital, which works really well, but I'm wondering if it's blocking remote access somehow.


Never mind, the factory reset on the Buffalo must have worked, or the power cycle I did on the synaccess, who knows. I'm in it now, lol.

finding that I am only having issues with local echo with the synaccess box's with Putty. With hyperterm, or whatever is bundled with windows these days, I have no issues, nor do I with SecureCRT. Trying to figure out what setting is causing this in Putty. Command complete by tab is also not working in putty.

Just waiting for routers to show up now, and working on switch studying.

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