Monday, June 3, 2013

Home Lab work continues, cable making, integrating system into the network... testing, and a big Whew...

Well, I was up late last night and pretty dejected.

It was looking like the Synaccess remote power switches were going to be fine for remote power access, but the pass through for console ports that would save me the price of a couple 2509/2511's was iffy at best.

At first, it was looking like they were not going to work at all because they want the terminal emulator to be Local Echo Off, which means I could send commands through the access switch, but wouldn't be able to see what I was typing. That doesn't appear to fully be the case. I changed it to local echo on, and it still works, but with some caveats.

1. I was getting double entry's on the return from the device, which is fine, as long as it was only sending one command.

2. Scrolling a long window, such as show run would stop at the first screen. I've never had to change console setup, so I thought that might be a deal killer, but found that I can set console to length 0 which runs the whole command, then you just have to scroll back to see what you want, perfectly fine by me. Big relief.

And a geek like me can't help but giggle a bit when I can shut the power off to my rack from my phone...

So now, I'm making more cables, as the Synaccess has to have an RS232 to Cisco pin-out. It's probably the same pin-out as on the 2509/2511rj's, but I'm not sure. 

Brings back memories, as inside plant commercial cabling is what got me on the track to where I am now. If there is anything I know, it's cabling. Luckily I still have all the tools.

Need more rack bolts !!!
(and yes this will have an IP camera pointed at the racks, also because I'm a geek.)

Speaking of racks. The 200+, 14ft, and 25ft, CAT-3 jumpers, and 2 and 4 pair jumper wire that came in the craigslist deal with the racks ($125) were recycled today for $110.00 along with the 66blocks that sold on E-bay, I'm now cash positive on the deal, so the racks were FREE !

I also have about $500 worth of network install equipment on E-bay still from the deal.

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