Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Changes, and fine tuning.

Well, after a lot of consideration and hoping, it looks like the Synaccess as an access server probably isn't going to be the best road.

I was attempting to set up a local TFTP server so people logged in remotely to the CCNP rack could save configs, but the issues the Synaccess has with local echo, doesn't appear to be something that is easily solved through terminal emulator configuration. It echos every Carriage return on the remote device in providing the echo to the local terminal, which when Cisco IOS gives you a carriage return to apply a default entry, doesn't allow you to add your manual entry.

Host1#copy flash: tftp:

Source filename []? ^@

?File name not specified

%Error parsing filename (Unknown error 0)

the ^@ is the remote echo carriage return.

So, I'm going to a 2509 access server. Getting that setup now.

Close up of the setup for Etherchannel labs:

Custom short throw 

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